Children, Family and Freedom In The Polls

As another parliamentary term passes, so approaches another election. The political parties tussle over the usual issues of the economy, jobs, education and health. But for Australians in 2016, there are bigger issues underlying these – children, family and the freedom of conscience and speech.

“Do we want a society of bland uniformity? Or do we want people to be able to express their views and live according to their convictions?”

“The very mechanisms you consent to today will be the ones used to enforce values which you don’t agree with tomorrow.”

“In 2016, your vote will sacrifice something. The only question is, what?”

All totalitarian regimes have these in common – censorship, brain washing and the shutting down of debate and scrutiny. Money, education and health are important but of what use are they if strictured within a vacuum of faceless, enforced conformity which abandons our families and children? Whether we recognise this or not, in the face of all else, these are the defining issues of this election.
Please do me, all Australians and the future generations a favor – please consider the following and sharing it with all who will be voting in the upcoming Australian Federal election.

While advocating for political parties isn’t the aim of this site, putting a higher perspective on current issues is. Unfortunately, with an issue this important and the parties becoming increasingly extreme on it, this needs to be reported on.

Freedom And The Greater Good

Firstly, let’s set the terms straight. This is often reported as a “freedom of religion” issue. There may be technical reasons for this but most will miss the point if it’s only discussed in those terms. Tactically, that may be why some chose to talk of it that way. After all, if one isn’t religious, why would one care about this? And the less people who care, the better your chances of implementing tyranny.

But this is so much more than “freedom of religion”. It’s really about freedom of speech and conscience. One may not care about religion but everyone has speech and conscience. Whether it is free is what’s up for grabs.
Let’s be clear – this isn’t about the self preservation of the religiously minded but about the greater good. The greater good of freedom in one’s speech and one’s conduct. A greater good which blooms at the personal level with individual flourishing, the freedom to raise one’s children and family through to the societal level with good governance and nation building.
Good ideas can only do good if given the freedom to spread and the ultimate good idea is The Gospel. And that’s why freedom has powerful enemies. Enemies which are ever on the move.

“Do we want a society of bland uniformity? Or do we want people to be able to express their views and live according to their convictions? I’m sure Senator McKim (Greens Senator) would not expect an environmental organisation to be forced to employ someone who promoted coal mining and whale hunting! That would compromise the purpose of the organisation.
Churches and Christian organisations should be able to employ people with Christian convictions. It should be possible for parents to enroll their children in a school where teachers share their religious views, if that is what they want. And that means those schools have to be able to employ those teachers.”
Dr John McClean, vice principal of Christ College, Sydney.

You may or may not agree with the values being defended above. But it’s the Judeo-Christian worldview’s gift of freedom of speech and conscience which even allowed you the room to disagree.

“When the Nazis came for the communists,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I did not speak out;
I was not a social democrat.When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a trade unionist.When they came for the Jews,
I did not speak out;
As I was not a Jew.When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.”
Martin Niemöller regarding World War 2 Nazi Germany.

There are some who are wanting to enforce conformity while hiding behind the Trojan Horse of diversity. Even if you agree with the “values” which they are trying to enforce, ponder this: the very mechanisms you consent to today will be the ones used to enforce values which you don’t agree with tomorrow. Values which will form or deform your children.
This is what’s at stake in the upcoming election.

The Choices

It is no surprise that all totalitarian regimes have this in common – censorship, brain washing and the shutting down of debate and scrutiny. This coming election will be a poll on whether Australians realise that is what’s really being asked, not the more superficial issues of economy, education and health. This isn’t an extreme analysis of our situation when you consider the compulsory enforcement of the previously voluntary “Safe Schools” program and this analysis of the current situation in the US.

And the choices are becoming more stark. The Greens have always been at the forefront of opposing God. So it comes as no surprise that they want to make Anti-Discrimination laws more extreme. Extreme to the point of stopping Australians from living according to their beliefs and principles. And it’s extreme because they want people to live lives without integrity.

One would have hoped for better from the Labor party but with their commitment to changing the definition of marriage, they are in practice no better. Why? Redefining marriage is a proven tool in the oppression of freedom of conscience and speech. The hauling of Australian Archbishop Porteous before the courts for “daring” to teach that marriage is between a man and a woman is a preview of this. This court action has since been dropped but the fact that this was even possible has had a chilling effect since legal proceedings are punishment in and of themselves.
This is what the oppressors can and will do now. We know they will do much more if marriage is redefined. Labor’s commitment to create a full time LGBTI Discrimination Commissioner to the Australian Human Rights Commission (costing $1.4 million) makes the case clearer if the above wasn’t evidence enough.

“..this election is much more than a choice between parties and personalities. This election is a choice about what sort of Australia that we want to live in.”
Bill Shorten

Call To Action

So what can we do? Plenty.

Firstly, be clear in your mind what’s at stake. This may mean voting for a candidate who may not have policies which are favourable for your job, hobby or interests. This may seem like a sacrifice. And it is.
But we are all called to sacrifice – the only difference is exactly what are we sacrificing?
For those of you who are parents, you routinely sacrifice for the sake of your children. You sacrifice for them that which would be more comfortable for you personally or favourable for you professionally. For all, you routinely sacrifice money, time and comfort for the greater things you look forward to either for yourself, those you love or the generations to follow you.
Your 2016 vote is no different. Your vote will sacrifice something. The only question is, what? Money, time, comfort, freedom or your children? Your call.

Secondly, steward your vote. Ken Graham has created a neat summary of these issues – please take the time to read it, it’s well worth it (the link to The American College of Pediatricians’ statement on how gender ideology harms children is also worth considering). I’ve included some highlights below….







Thirdly, steward your time, resources and opportunities. Consider what you are voting for with your money – there are agendas and statements you are resourcing with what you spend your money on.
Be strategic in how you spend your time and opportunities. With regards to this issue, educate yourself and consider getting involved with ACL and Australian Marriage Forum.

Finally, steward your voice. Speak out clearly, graciously and often. Share this article (use the social media methods below) and its contents.
Remember, your voice includes that which cries out in prayer. Whatever the situation, whatever the outcome, never forget that we move from a position of victory, not to a position of victory. God was and ever will be over any and all storms. The question is, are we riding with Him?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Ideas have consequences and silence is consent. Overtly or silently, what ideas are you voting for?

2 Responses to “ Children, Family and Freedom In The Polls ”

  1. I was reading the Facebook page for CAAH that was organising a protest against a meeting in Sydney that was going to be attended by Cory Bernardi. The vitriol in the supporter’s comments was quite frightening. One of the comments was that “If you can come it’d be a fun way to spend it!”
    Unfortunately the loudest voices in this debate (aside from the LGBTI members themselves) seem to be those who rally behind a fashionable cause without fully thinking out the consequences or the morality.

    • Ah yes…Community Action Against Homophobia AKA CAAH. To say that people are afraid of homosexuals is misleading (like so much of this). You know someone hasn’t anything reasonable to say when they resort to name calling. Hence why you don’t hear the term “Theophobic” slung around.

      Regarding consequences and morality – some are ignorant but some are aware of them and they invite it ie: they have a different and problematic view on how things should be. In a democracy, they are free to try to implement it just as much as we are free to implement our view – the question is, will we?
      One can understand why their vitriol and manners are frightening – if you and everyone else isn’t precious and made in the image of God, what’s the point of manners? It is more logical to subscribe to might makes right. It is more logical to shut down debate but bullying tactics in word, action and litigation.
      These people need compassion, education and prayer, not a seat in parliament. Endorsing their views and behaviours only entrenches them in their problems.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

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