Losing Marriage, Losing Freedom

The US Supreme court has just voted to redefine marriage.
This will magnify the flow on effects on children, gender confusion, freedom of speech and freedom of conscience in that country.

When your culture deletes God, you lose The Divine Law Maker. You no longer pray and you’re now prey to human law makers.
This was not unanimous. It was a 5-4 decision. It was only one vote which tipped them down this path of consequences. Never doubt the power of the individual. Never doubt the importance you being informed and acting on this.

This is the outcome of the slippery slope where seemingly small compromises add up to big ones. When you’re a few degrees off course, you end up at an altogether unwanted destination.

A follow-up statement to this decision is that workplace laws will also need to fall into line. This next step, like redefining marriage may seem innocuous but it is all part of the same overall strategy of seemingly harmless steps toward the ultimate harm – the loss of freedom.
If this sounds dramatic, consider on how things have changed in just 11 years. Think back to 13 August 2004, when the Australian Senate passed the Marriage Legislation Amendment Bill affirming that marriage is “the union of a man and a woman to exclusion of all others”. Now look toward the not too distant future if we in Australia undo that and head down the path to redefinition.
This is hidden subversion at its finest. Machiavelli would have been proud.

This is the importance of countries and cultures. They are border checks for the passage of ideas and laws.
The signs and warnings are here for all to see. What remains now is what are we going to do about it? What are you going to do about it? Let others decide or lift our marriages, families and action to a new level to meet this challenge? I encourage us all do the latter.

Here are some statements from Chief Justices from the U.S. Supreme court who opposed this change:

There will be consequences to shutting down the political process on an issue of such profound public significance. Closing debate tends to close minds.

Chief Justice Roberts

If a bare majority of Justices can invent a new right and impose that right on the rest of the country, the only real limit on what future majorities will be able to do is their own sense of what those with political power and cultural influence are willing to tolerate. Even enthusiastic supporters of same-sex marriage should worry about the scope of the power that today’s majority claims.

Justice Alito

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