Abortion: Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

They tried to ignore us. They even tried to silence us. But they haven’t and we won’t let them.
For those you who defied the age and spoke out – thank you. By a margin of nearly 4000 signatures, you helped build the largest Epetition ever in Queensland history. You told everyone that our mothers and babies deserve better and you will not abandon them.


But ignore us they will try. There will be a deafening silence in the biased media about this. Don’t let them get away with this – please share this news (using the social media links to this article below is one way).

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

Much of the support for abortion stems from ignorance. Whether it be not understanding that we’re dealing with a child to a lack of insight into what abortion providers really think to ignorance of the real women’s rights issue behind it to swallowing outright lies in shallow slogans without further thought. Living life to the full means dealing with the fullness of its reality. And dealing with reality also means speaking out with insight and passion.

And it can be as simple as showing people the reality of the situation and who better to do so than someone who did abortions?

Read more about this here.

Ignorance In Politics

All medical procedures and interventions should be openly discussed in a factual manner. At least they should be and you can see how this fails miserably when it comes to abortion. There is simply too much political interference. Here are some thoughts on that…

For those who live in Brisbane, there’s a screening of the HUSH Documentary happening in New Farm next Tuesday the 31st. Please consider going along.

Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s deadly. Speak out.



My thanks for some readers who alerted me to some of the above.

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