Freedom of speech and conscience are precious gifts from the Judeo-Christian worldview. It is the foundation for civil public discourse and therefore, scientific and cultural progress. Without them, we are faced with regression.

We previously discussed worldviews which lack these gifts. These views can manifest in outright acts of violence. The view that you have no right to freedom in your speech and conduct also manifests in more subtle but equally damaging outcomes. Take for instance where a grandmother may be forced to not only lose her livelihood but possibly her home over her right to affirm the meaning of marriage.

In exercising her freedom to affirm the natural view of marriage, she is faced with a lawsuit which threatens all of the above and more. It’s tempting to file this one away as only “something which happens elsewhere” but such attitudes are also evident here in Australia. SBS is a publicly funded TV channel and it is purposely censoring discussion on this matter as evidenced by this communication from the Australian Marriage Forum:

As you receive this email, the first television ad in our campaign, ‘Think of the Child’, is being broadcast in Sydney as the Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade gets underway. For those of you in New South Wales, tune in to the 6pm news on Channel 7 or 9.

The Mardi Gras Parade is a political parade which has, as usual, a ‘Marriage Equality’ float. Our ad is a gentle but direct challenge to that deceptive slogan, pointing out that ‘marriage equality’ for adults always means inequality for kids. Here is the ad:

So-called ‘marriage equality’ forces a child to miss out on a mother, or a father.

That’s not ‘equality’ for the kids who miss out.

That’s not marriage.

Censorship by SBS

Our ad was also booked and paid for to be shown tomorrow night during the SBS delayed broadcast of the Parade – but only yesterday (Friday 6th March) our agent received this message from SBS management:

“we choose not to run this TVC for the Marriage Forum during the Mardi Gras telecast.”

No explanation. As I see it, this is a case of censorship by a public broadcaster of even the mildest expression of ‘unacceptable opinion’ on same-sex marriage. That is a disgrace, because:

  • SBS is a publicly-funded broadcaster, paid for by people on both sides of the same-sex ‘marriage’ debate.
  • They broadcast hours of the Mardi Gras protest rally, free of charge, with its ‘marriage equality’ float and other political themes.
  • Now, they refuse to broadcast even one minute of a paid ad arguing the child-centred case against ‘marriage equality’.

The reason we could not let you, our supporters, know of our campaign any earlier than tonight was our concern that the homosexual lobby might mount a campaign against the TV stations to have the ad banned. As it turns out, the taxpayer-funded faceless censors at SBS were able to ban the ad even without external activists. Such is the intolerance – at least at SBS – towards anybody who stands against the juggernaut of homosexual ‘marriage’. But we do so, unflinchingly.

Time to fight back
The SBS censorship makes it even more vital that weSHARE the YouTube version of tonight’s TV ad far and wide, to prove they cannot silence the child-centred case against same-sex marriage.

Also please watch and SHARE our ‘Think of the Child’Campaign Promo, where I explain the motivation for our ads – with passing mention of SBS (this was recorded prior to their last-minute pulling the plug):

These ads will take people to our fully revamped website (hot off the press from yesterday atwww.AustralianMarriage.org ) and to our DONATE button, so we can keep the campaign going against all odds.

Think of the Child
Here goes! For too long the marriage debate has centred solely on the demands of adults, and it is time that the fundamental rights and needs of the child took centre stage. We intend to reframe the public debate in terms of the fundamental right of every child to have, wherever possible, both a mother and a father. That birth-right would be abolished by the institution of same-sex ‘marriage’.

Beyond that injustice against the child, our campaign will address other grave consequences of normalising homosexual ‘marriage’ in law, such as the radicalising of sex-education and the crushing of conscientious and religious freedom with the Big Stick of anti-discrimination law.

We want these ads, and the associated resources at our website, to help clarify the heart of opposition to same-sex ‘marriage’ and help fortify the great middle-ground of the Australian public – especially the Australian churches – to reject such a radical and unjust proposal. In turn, our good people in Parliament will be encouraged by all of us to stand firm, saying:

“I agree that a child should have a mum and a dad, wherever possible. I know that isn’t always possible, but we must not make laws that deliberately deprive future children of either a mother or a father… And that is what laws for ‘gay marriage’ will do.”

Because of your generous response a couple of years ago we have been able to develop a full suite of ads for TV and YouTube, ready to be rolled out at the appropriate time. Now, with recent donations, we have been able to pay for this launch. So the campaign has begun, but how far we take it depends on your support.
Right now we need your help to:

1.     SHARE these videos as a matter of urgency, by email to your contacts, on Facebook (make sure your post is listed as ‘PUBLIC’), on Twitter etc. as well as over the garden fence…

2.     DONATE as much as you are able, so that we can broadcast our ads effectively (which will cost millions of dollars) – knowing that we are all

3.     CONTACT YOUR MP and Senators in Federal Parliament, via our button on the website, asking them please to “keep marriage between man and woman, so that a child always has the chance of a mum and a dad”.

Freedom of speech and conscience are gifts and gifts can (and have) been stolen from you. Please consider passing on the above and sharing the ad.

My thanks to a reader for altering me to this development.

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