The Bullying Trojan Horse

No one should be bullied and no one should use such an important principle to sneak through bad ones.

For those of you who came to &/or prayed for my recent talk – thank you*. It’s hit a nerve with lots learned by both myself and the audience.

One of the points I made and documented was how bad principles are often sneaked through with a Trojan horse. Like “equality” in marriage when the ideas being sneaked through are inequality for children and freedom of speech & conscience.

For those in Australia, please be aware of the Safe Schools Coalition. It’s a Commonwealth Government-funded Trojan horse being used to sneak through bad principles about sex.

For those in Queensland, here’s a petition to do something about it: – please pass this on to those who are eligible to sign this.
For those in other jurisdictions, be on the look out for your local version of such Trojan horses.

My thanks to some readers for alerting me to the petition – this is how your eyes and ears count in helping all of us make a difference.

*thank you also for partnering in prayer for an upcoming university campus talk as well.


The Queensland Parliament petition I linked above closed on the 10-11-2015. It generated 10,891 signatures. Around the same period, the number of signatures generated by other petitions anywhere near that volume came in at 4,424 and 2,396. The momentum generated by this and other factors has carried on to mainstream media starting to scrutinise the program in 2016.
Yes, your say does count!
(but you didn’t hear the biased media report on this did you?)


Image: The Procession of the Trojan Horse in Troy by DomenicoTiepolo (1773)

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