Music For Hope 2

From classic hope to modern classic. Right now, we’re doing so much differently, so why not try listening to something a little different? Enjoy….

You chased my heart so I could see, (1Jo.4:19)
but I stood unacceptable. (Ro.1:21)
you called my name with infinite time (Eph.1:4)
and I lost sight so easily (Eph.4:18)

then oh, I stood in the silence, I lay in the night, a voice in the stillness (Ps.46:10)(1Kgs.19:12)
“oh my love, you’re my child, take all these good things, soften your heart”. (Phlm:6)

Lord help me, Help me remember (Jon.14:26)
flesh is weak, my spirit’s strong, (Mat.26:41)
dressed the trees you saw their splendor
more to you, love I am more. (Mat.6:26-34) Continue Reading →