Tolerance, Sex And Dumbing Down Love

“There’s a difference between love and tolerance. There’s a difference between love and sex. We’ve conflated terms.

How do we respond to the claim that we have a right to love who we want to love? The response is very clear and very simple. Do you love some people who you don’t have sex with? I certainly hope you do. I hope you love a lot of people you don’t have sex with. Love and sex are not synonymous but our culture has conflated the two and the church has bought into the lie.

I was on the O’Reilly factor once and we got into the issue of tolerance and finally said, “Mr O’Reilly, on your anniversary, did you send your wife an, “I tolerate you card?” And there was a pause. Continue Reading →


Our Imperfect Reality

All of us are not who we should be. To paraphrase John Bradford, “There but by the grace of God go I”.
Imperfection is a given. The question then is, what do we do with it?

Here are some thoughts from someone navigating this…

“When I was 19, I participated in a religious retreat called The Emmaus Walk. I was the youngest on this particular weekend by at least a decade and that proved significant. After a heavy session, men were encouraged to write down those sins they wished to be unburdened of and, in a grand symbolic gesture, take them forward and burn them.

Returning to my pew, I noticed that many men wept, sobbed actually, the bitter tears of regret. Noting my puzzlement, my mentor, a man 40 years my senior and whom I dearly loved, quietly sat down beside me.

“Why are they crying?” I asked. Continue Reading →