Why The Next Generations Won’t Go To Church

Atheism is on the move, organising itself to spread its unbelief. You see it in initiatives like “A Manual for Creating Atheists”. That’s clear but perhaps less visible and potentially more destructive are the passive ways in which unbelief blooms in the lives of those raised in the church. Let’s explore why we could lose the next generations and what we can do about it… Continue Reading →


Good Persecution

“It is a bad sign for the Christianity of this day that it provokes so little opposition. If there were no other evidence of it being wrong, I should know from that. When the church and the world can jog along together comfortably, you may be sure there is something wrong….

It is the church that has altered, not the world.”

Catherine Booth, Co-Founder of the Salvation Army.

It was true in 1800s and more so in 2016.

Now, if you’re getting persecuted because you’re being obnoxious and not a true Ambassador of God, then that’s self inflicted. However, if it’s after a clear and gracious presentation of truth with a heart to help then that’s simply the side effect of being in a fallen, “politically correct” world. Continue Reading →