Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace

The Plebiscite – ensure you let them know it’s a “No”. Check that your enrolment is up to date by 24 August 2017. Check at: www.aec.gov.au/enrol or call the ABS on 1800 572 113.

I’ve been asked to respond to an article by Susan Adams called, “Six reasons to vote yes if you hold to a classical Christian view of marriage.”

In it, she states that since she holds to the classical Christian view of marriage,  “It might seem logical, then, that I would vote ‘no’ on legalising same-sex marriage in the upcoming plebiscite.” She then goes on to say why she’ll be voting “yes”.

At least her first statement holds true.
You don’t have to have the classical Christian view to vote “No” to redefining marriage. It’s simply logical. That’s why homosexuals and those raised by same sex couples are among those who believe that marriage should not be redefined.

For important issues like this, evidence and reason must rise above rhetoric. Let’s explore her thoughts further… Continue Reading →


2 Illustrations, 1 True Story And All Hands On Deck For Marriage

There once was a farmer who grew award-winning corn. Each year it would win best in show in the local competitions.
Naturally, people wanted to know why. So a newspaper reporter interviewed him. The reporter was astonished to learn that he actually shared his seed corn with his neighbours.
Surprised and puzzled, the reporter asked, “Why are you giving your best seed corn with your neighbours? They’re your competition!”
The farmer smiled and replied Continue Reading →