On the 8th of March 2014, Malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared whilst en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. As of writing, the plane is assumed lost and one of the leading theories is that it was hijacked.

mh370It will be difficult to find out what really happened to MH370. What is clear is that this is an immeasurable tragedy for all 239 involved and their families.

It does bring to mind a thought: if the cockpit crew decides to divert a plane from its intended destination, the passengers on the flight would not normally know this. They would continue on the flight unsuspecting of what is really happening. There’s a wider lesson here.

Cultural Hijack

Are we happily sitting in the places we have been allocated entertained by music, meals and movies, oblivious to exactly where the “plane” of our culture is headed? How many of us have settled for being a passenger when we are meant to be in the cockpit?

Yes, it takes effort and observation to know what is happening. Even more so to correct our cultural trajectory. However, the alternative is to allow ourselves, our families and everyone to be carried by the culture to places we do not want to go. To dark places where we never would have imagined possible.
We’re not talking about an easy versus a hard option here. We’re talking about a hard versus a harder option.

What assumptions are we making with regards to the content of the music and movies we watch or recommend? What trust are we placing in brands or organisations which have had our trust in them hijacked?

In Reality

Far from theoretical, please consider the following recent examples:

  • Are you aware of the values that are piloting Disney’s decisions (along with others which you will read in this article)?
  • Are you aware of the loss of values which prompted this decision by World Vision? Whilst they have reversed this, it is likely they only did so for financial reasons and not from a conviction of their loss of values.
    That said, it is good to see the reversal and clear lessons have been drawn from how this happened in the first place as well as how the reversal was achieved.

Knowledge without action will not uplift lives. Please consider your actions in the light of the above and it can start as simply and immediately as what you chose to do with your next purchase or donation.

Loss of vision and values doesn’t happen by accident or overnight. Let us stay alert and active. Firstly in our own lives, then in our families, communities, organisations and nations. The world needs us to.

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A few hours after posting this article, I took a call from World Vision on an unrelated matter. Coincidence? I think not.

The lady on the line wasn’t aware of the problems her American counterparts were causing. This gave me an opportunity to gracefully, carefully and clearly encourage World Vision Australia to learn from them and remain clear in and true to what their original guiding vision is. I encouraged her to pass on the lessons to her superiors. May that bear fruit.



For those wanting to act, have a look at this post.

7 Responses to “ Hijacked ”

  1. Michael Chong

    Wow it’s frightening to see these changes happening real time.
    Thanks for making me aware of these. Cultural Hijack… Bring on Jesus Culture! 🙂

    • Real time is a very appropriate word to use here.
      Real because we’re not playing games here – there are real life altering and life ending consequences of where we allow culture to go. Time, as in every generation has to answer whether we will live up to the mandate God gives everyone of us to rescue all around us and that will only happen if we stay aware and engaged in real time.

      Thanks for your thoughts Michael!

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