Winners And Losers

Now that the numbers have finally struggled across the line, we have Australia’s Federal election results for 2016.

*Labor recorded its second lowest primary vote in eight decades.

At first I was a little disappointed given my hopes of that the parties of baser values would go backwards, let along forwards. But did they? On closer analysis* there was a statement under the numbers – the people are awakening and the status quo will not do.

The status quo of spending more time on internal politics than the job of governing well.
The status quo of pandering to identity politics as if that is all there is to a person or what a nation needs of its government.
All have been unhelpful for election aspirations and both major parties have taken hits over this. Have a look here for an interesting analysis.

Ultimately, perhaps the most important outcome of this election is the awakening of the people.
An awakening to the arrogant and presumptive nature of those who aspire to govern, with a mindset that you have no right to parent your children.
An awakening to the reality that in today’s world, parenting isn’t just what you do within your household but also how you influence the culture around it.
An awakening that staying focussed on your immediate surroundings and “behaving yourself” will not lead to a peaceable life but one in which you will not only be taken for granted but literally taken for a ride as the culture around you is hijacked and destined for ruin.

And to put some political teeth to this thought, an Australian politician is proposing we get organised, whatever our political affiliations. There are winners and losers in all elections but the most important ones are the people and children of the nation. Today marks the start of the preparations for the next one, what will you do about it?


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