Be Encouraged 2!

It’s too easy to be discouraged. Too easy to believe the trash talk.
Sometimes, it seems we are only reactionary. Only fighting a rearguard action. Reality bites with severe, persistent and wearisome attacks. But the greater reality is Our Heavenly Father never tires of doing good. And so too should we.

Always remember – there is much to be hopeful and thankful for. So I thank all of you who signed the petition defending the safety and dignity of mothers and children. All 31,735 of you. This eclipses the previous record for Epetition signatures in the Queensland Parliament which incidentally, was for the same cause. Such is the depth of feeling and action that we have gathered a total of 55,604 signatures across two Epetitions with nearly 12,000 more signatures on this latest one compared to any other topic’s Epetition.

So, be encouraged and I trust the following also encourages you if you haven’t seen them already… Continue Reading →