Evil and The Relationship That Needs To Be Stronger

What’s a relationship in my life that is not as strong as it should be? The relationship. My relationship with God.

This may sound a bit abstract and frankly sterile in the face of evil but truly, if I’m not right with my vertical relationship with God then I’m not right with my horizontal relationship with others, including myself. Every evil I see in the world, I can see in me. There but by The Grace of God go I.

What should I do about it? Pursue Him. Or should I say, let Him catch me. Stop running away from Him.

Stop chasing the lures, the busy little things, the shiny idols which run around and within me.
Stop my mad thrashing around and let God embrace me.
Stop my mad mutterings and let Him whisper to me.
Stop and be the branch that draws from The Vine.
Stop and let Him continue to revive me and renew my mind.

For if I don’t, I return to my default state of spiritual death, out from which evil oozes.

“I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.”
John Newton

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