The tragic truth…

In our society, we expect our children to be adults but our adults to be children. We protect college students from opposing ideas but we make no effort to protect elementary school students from all manner of perversion and deviancy. We provide safe spaces at universities but not kindergarten classrooms.

We’ve determined that our kids are capable of choosing their own gender by the age of 3, but not capable of living on their own or paying for their own health care at the age of 25.


Children in kindergarten these days are deemed old enough for lessons on transgenderism and cross dressing. I guess it’s only natural that we broach that subject before first grade considering we’ve already acquainted them with homosexuality in pre-K and maybe taken them to a few drag queen story hours at the local library


“They’re going to learn about it some day.” “You can’t shield them forever.” “They can handle it.” “Stop being overprotective.” These are the justifications we use as we raise a generation of prepubescent porn addicts. Somehow, though, these same arguments don’t apply exactly where they should: to young adults — emphasis on adults — who cannot handle opposing opinions or foreign viewpoints without dissolving into a puddle of self-pitying tears. We have decided that we cannot shield our toddlers from discussions of sodomy, but we can and do shield our grown children from challenging ideas. It is “unreasonable” to try and prevent a 10-year-old from having sex, and it’s also unreasonable to require a 26-year-old to move out of the house and get a job.


I keep saying this is backwards and confused, but I think I may be mischaracterizing the problem. The people who came up with this agenda are not confused at all about it. The strategy is clear: break the children down, twist them into something corrupted and obscene, and then shield them from the world until the clay dries and the corruption is set in stone. Mold them while they’re still young and cannot question what you’re doing to them, and then put them in a bubble until the changes have solidified in their soul. Your work will go to waste if your creations become self-aware before you’ve finished building them.

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