Righteous Civil Disobedience 3 – A Child’s Stand

God gives us children to teach and often, it is to teach us ourselves.

Here’s a classic children’s song which we adults can be challenged by…

…and here are the challenges:

My Mummy always told me to do what’s right;
To wash behind my ears and try to be polite.
She says she loves me so.
(That’s beautiful.)
It’s like she tells me what I need to know.
(I’ve got alot of respect for that woman.)

Parents, you are teaching your children either by design or default. What are you teaching them?

But sometimes when I’m playing with a buddy or two,
They’re doing things you’re not supposed to do.
(Do you go along – even though the things they do are wrong?)

How will your children know what is right or wrong if you don’t? How will they know to do or believe better if they only ever see you being a thermometer (reflecting what’s around you) and never a thermostat (influencing not just influenced by your environment)?

I remember stand (Stand up, stand up)
For what you believe in, believe in,
Believe in God (He’s the one to back you up)
He’ll stand with you!

Easy to say, not easy to do. We teach our children to stand up but do we do that ourselves?
The ultimate question isn’t if God’s on our side but are we on His?

When everybody tells you that you have to be cool,
Remember what you learnt in church and Sunday school.
Just check it out – the Bible tells us what it’s all about.
(Oh, you know that’s right.)

Again and again, the world and especially activists tell and compel us to “get on the right side of history” but the ultimate right side to be on is eternity, not only history. Let’s remember what our real job is down here on earth.

So if you have a question, go ask your Dad,
And he can tell you if the thing is good or bad.
You’ll make their day,
If you remember what you’re parents say (what they say.)

This is the importance of apologetics. And not only the right answer but the right answer given in the right way.

It isn’t child’s play to stand up for what you believe in but for you and society, it’s essential.

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