Censorship 4

Censorship is tyranny’s first step: after reaching thousands of people, videos 1 and 2 in “Marriage Equality: Why Not?” disappeared from Facebook along with their associated posts around 10PM AEST on 8-9-2017 – just hours after getting comments against them and a day after the High Court of Australia struck down an attempt to censor the people’s say on marriage.
Video 1 was uploaded again and was again taken down around 8AM AEST 9-9-2017.

The videos were streamed from Facebook which is based in the US, a country which has fallen under the the tyranny of marriage redefined.
Censorship and thought policing are exactly what these videos warn of. You already know it as the anxiety around simply speaking of the reality of marriage.

Do you want more of it? Australia, you can say no, you can vote no.

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UPDATE: You can now get all three videos at the playlist here if any of the above gets censored.

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  2. […] Why isn't the video below available? See here. […]

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