Censorship 3

At less than 9 minutes, this is a master-class you don’t want to miss.
As said in the article accompanying this audio interview, not only was this a brilliant defense of marriage, it was a vivid demonstration of how the veneer of objectivity is just that.

Listeners of the ABC, take note.
Tax payers of Australia, take note – this barely concealed bit of censorship was (and continues to be) paid for by you.
You especially see it in how the host scrambled to terminate the “interview” when she was forced to face level 1 philosophy while she tried to stay at level 3. Pity she didn’t have enough respect for herself and her audience to follow her logic where it went.

As the article suggests, please share this around so that the method of shallow slogans will not prevail.
You fix the dark by shining the light.

Class is in session here.

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