Lies come in a variety of forms. And when it comes to discussing marriage, they are coming out thick, fast and varied.

There are lies of commission, the act of stating outright false statements.
Like Channel 10’s total fabrication of a “Stop The Fags” poster. Like when the National Convenor of “Australian Marriage Equality” lied about someone saying that homosexual people are “a grave threat to others”.

*it’s from 2015 but its brilliantly clear and concise message is even more needed today.

There are lies of omission, the act of leaving things out with the intent of misrepresenting a situation.
Like when an ABC presenter cut off a brilliant defense of natural marriage* when it became clear she was no longer able to put a biased twist on the discussion. And in doing so, she also cut off much of her journalistic credibility.

Then there are the lies which try to wrap itself in the credibility of professional bodies. Lies which discredited those bodies at the same time. Ultimately, it’s one thing for the Australian Medical Association, The NSW Law SocietyWoolworths and Coopers to fall victim to the lies but it a whole larger category of tragedy when people are.

This is the debate we had to have.
Those who seek to redefine marriage are behaving as predicted – as tyrants. The average Aussie will see this and Vote No (exactly what they feared). But only if the average Aussie is allowed to see it which they won’t through the biased media.

So, it’s up to all of us to share and point out the hypocrisy. If they are behaving like this now, how will they behave if given the green light with a redefinition of marriage?

Know and share what marriage is.
Be silent no more.


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Breaking news: Some politicians have pulled together in a body to support this. Regardless of your political persuasion, please drop them a line to encourage them. And if you are of another political persuasion, encourage them to put together a similar body.

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