Valuing The Immeasurable

International Women’s Day was a few days ago and our Memory Verse for the week celebrated an aspect of womanhood.

It also brings up the question: Are the things which you can measure the only things which are of worth?

This article had me considering the above. It caught my attention with the following line: “Women still can’t have it all.”

I bet it has your attention now.

In essence, it talks of the difficulties modern women face in achieving their family and career aspirations.

Perhaps the key problem we have here is our indoctrination into the material world perspective. I’m not just talking money here, that’s only part of the problem. I’m talking about the world view, the perception that only that which can be handled and measured is that which is real. That’s problematic since it doesn’t fully account for reality. Of all people, it’s something we as Christians should not fall victim to.

That’s why only valuing money is a problem. That’s why only valuing a career is a problem.

Believing this is narrow-minded thinking. It’s a mindset which traps us into thinking we are “giving up a career” as opposed to “switching from one career into another which isn’t paid, but has more valuable outcomes than what can be bought”.

In part, men are to blame for this as we haven’t shown leadership in valuing this immeasurable aspect of life. So here’s my contribution: reachingforfutureMothers, for all the immeasurable good you do and the awesome futures you launch, I thank you.

But that aside, it’s time for the ladies to truly liberate themselves from the extreme thinking which undervalues the immeasurable potential of motherhood. The good news is, this study shows this may be happening as does some recent developments which stand as a commentary on all the above.

Frankly, what’s the problem with the fact that “Women still can’t have it all”, especially all at once? No one ever did, including men.

It’s time to appreciate that reality and not dwell on negativity. Susanna Wesley did and look how her motherhood changed the world. Literally.

As for all the rhetoric calling for equality, let’s stop comparing and aim higher.  In the home or out of it, whatever season you’re in, be what God made you to be, there is no equal.

I’d encourage you to share this with all the mothers in your life.
Image©Kevin Tam

6 Responses to “ Valuing The Immeasurable ”

  1. Love this!! 😀 so true…!

    • Glad it spoke to you Rebecca.
      We do need wisdom and sensitivity to know what our calling is and part of that is knowing it’s dynamic – it changes with the seasons.
      You can have all the good things in life, but just not all at once.

  2. Thanks Kevin, for articulating this out loud. I have my hubby’s support ( but not my extended family) to take on freelance/part-time work since coming over here to Oz. I take my responsibility seriously to nurture 3 sons who will love the Lord and contribute effectively to God’s kingdom and I refuse to put a value to the remuneration that I have to forego.

    I know of an incredible godly lady from my church in M’sia ( who is an oncologist at KLGH) who gave up her career at the age of 40 to be a full time mum to her 4 kids. And her hubby, her kids and her own dad who has spent so much on her Aussie tertiary education, fully support her major decision to do just that. Till today, she has absolutely no regrets for giving up her high-profile, high status position.

    Bless your heart!

    • You are most welcomed and thanks for your feedback – it is an encouragement to others.
      As said, thank you for what you do – only eternity will fully tell what comes of it 🙂

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