Abortion’s Spirit 2 – Chauvinism

Abortion. It’s been described as a woman’s right. It’s also known as the greatest act of male chauvinism. So which is true?
Like lies so often repeated, persistently shouting it’s a woman’s right brainwashes many into believing it.

In reality, abortion is the greatest act of legalised male chauvainsim. That is the background to abortion. That is the spirit behind it.
This horrid truth repeats everyday and a recent headline is reveals this – “A rugby league “fixer” was called in to negotiate a $50,000 abortion deal after a star player’s girlfriend ­revealed she was pregnant.
A football player exploiting a woman for his pleasure then abandoning his responsibility to the extent of outsourcing the pressure to get her to kill his child. One would be hard pressed to make up a greater act of male chauvinism.

It’s clear. Abortion is only be possible if there are “men” only interested in exploiting women. Males only interested in pleasure, not progeny. Males decoupling recreation from procreation. Males abusing rights while ignoring responsibilities. Men, you are called to higher.

Abortion’s chauvinism turns people of intrinsic worth into products to be exploited.
We see it in how Norma McCorvey was cynically exploited, turning her into “Jane Roe” in the infamous “Roe vs Wade” case which unleashed abortion on the US. But we also see God’s gracious hand in action by how He redeemed her from this to be for abortion what John Newton was for slavery.

Some final observations on the article featured here. It closes in part with the following…

Rather than deal with the fact he had got a woman pregnant, Cartwright handed the responsibility over to the men at his club, the Panthers.

According to Miss X, she felt “bullied” and “pressured” into terminating the pregnancy, which Zivanovic insisted was a “business thing” rather than a personal matter.

The saddest thing about this disgusting episode is that
it illustrates the vast gap between how men and women are regarded at some footy clubs. Men are absolved of all responsibility. Women are just another distraction that needs to be dealt with.

No insight into the strange logic used to justify the killing. No insight into the cheap worldview which allows this to happen in the first place. No insight beyond the selfish perspective of the adults involved. No true acknowledgement of the greatest injustice in this whole incident, the death of an innocent child caught in the middle of regrettable adult choices.

There is a better way. One which respects everyone, including women – respecting, not insulting their femininity. One which values the child. One which not only sees the lies and calls them for what they are, but is moved by compassion to clear it with the truth.

We can and we must do better than abortion.


7-3-2017 Update: India abortion: Police find 19 female foetuses.

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