Beyond Cynical

Actions speak louder than words: “We’re concerned (maybe) but let’s just do it anyway and clean up the mess later (perhaps).”

Some lies have a short shelf life. After doing their deceptive work, they happily step into the background to let the truth be seen. The government has called for an inquiry into the consequences for individuals freedoms with the redefinition of marriage. This comes soon after the plebiscite result, well after Australia voted on the issue and it’s designed to report its findings after the politicians themselves vote on it in the coming days.

It’s hard not to be cynical. But our collective futures deserve more than that. It needs hope. It needs action.
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This Is Not Your Child

There comes a time to say, “This Is Not Your Child.” That time is now.
For better and for worse, beginnings affect our present and our future and there are those who seek to warp them…

“The education of all children, from the moment that they can get along without a mother’s care, shall be in state institutions.”
Karl Marx

You must say “This Is Not Your Child” to the problems which seek to claim them.
You must say, “This Is Not Your Child” to those who arrogantly assume to have parental rights over them.

Ultimately, what is the point of a parent if they fail to do that?

“If you don’t train your children, somebody else will.”
Trace Embry

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So the news is out, the Yes vote has come through.

Where to from here? Nothing has really changed – yes or no, we know our guide, on whom we should rest and our role as witnesses. Of note is the percentage who voted to preserve marriage despite the well funded, unrelenting pressure against it. So, let’s keep the momentum going and with a clear perspective on how far we’ve come, what others are contending with right now and our ultimate assurance that love prevails as we seek to transform ourselves and others.

It’s clear what this legislation has been used for in other countries. Now is the time to see how well we as a nation live up to a Fair Go.


The Persecuted

Read, know, pray….


Big Data No’s

Contrary to much of the rhetoric, there’s an upcoming win for Preserving Marriage in Australia according to Big Data analytics.  And despite the surprise that might generate for some, it wouldn’t be surprising for others. For every one who dared speak up, there were multiple other “No’s” who only did so at the ballot box.

Bullies underestimate the negative undercurrents they generate. Whatever the outcome on November 15th, let the awakening and more importantly, the unity of action continue.

Saying No is just the start. Living what we should say yes to is the future.


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