What We Do Now Determines What We Will Be

Actions have consequences. So too does inaction.
In the war to advance all that is good and lovely, we sometimes have to face up to and stare down the ugliness of this world. Frankly, that can be distasteful but do it we must.

*the legal age from when children can consent for sex

The following are disturbing yet prophetic observations on the issue of lowering the age of accountability*. They are written by the founder of Focus On The Family, Dr James Dobson. It’s from his book, “Bringing up Boys” and gives a chilling insight into what all children face through the current issues of the “Safe Schools” program and the redefinition of marriage. It is all the more sobering given it was published back in 2001.

What we do now determines what we will be. There is always hope but hope finds flesh in action. May the following spur you to it and deliver hope for the generations to come… Continue Reading →



A new year brings about new thoughts and new drive on what one wants to do and what one wants to be.
Even those who claim there is no purpose or design to life innately know there’s a purpose to it if challenged to think it over.

I was recently sent a transcript of a short interview of Rick Warren by Paul Bradshaw (thanks!)
Warren is the author of the best selling book “Purpose Driven Life” and here are some insightful thoughts to inspire your journey through 2017 and beyond… Continue Reading →