Members of Parliament – if they are to represent you, you must present your views to them (otherwise known as lobbying).
Lobbying happens all the time, so why not make your views known? It is your democratic right and their political duty. Part of the reason why we have the problems we do in society is that often, it is the bad ideas which get the most lobbying. As they don’t make sense in their own right, they owe their existence to shallow slogans and influence to pester power.

Winners show up – please don’t let them win by default. Whatever that’s of worth, that which will echo through the generations, lobby for it. To look up the politicians who represent you, search the web for “Australian electorate search” and from there you can find your representative at the federal and state level.

It doesn’t have to take long. Here’s an example of one I sent previously and one I sent recently regarding abortion laws to be debated this Wednesday, 1st of March in the Queensland Parliament (please get yourself and others involved): Continue Reading →


Problems And Prayer

I heard something wise today…

“Don’t look at the problem, look at the problem maker.”

In grappling with the issues of today, it can be too easy to just look at the problem before you. Or even the immediate people before you. But they aren’t really the problem. It is the principle, the spirit behind them that is the real problem. And that includes us…

“if My people, who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
2 Chornicles 7:14

For better and for worse, God has delegated some of His sovereignty to us.
There’s no better way to exercise sovereignty than in unity. Refuse to accept the status quo – Please join in this Saturday 25th for The National Day of Prayer and Fasting!


Men And Marriage

Social science confrms that marriage confers enormous benefts for men’s wallets, for their sex life, and for their physical and mental health. Yet too many men still believe in the ball and chain myth, viewing marriage as an expensive encumbrance on their freedom and their sex lives. Continue Reading →


Be Encouraged 2!

It’s too easy to be discouraged. Too easy to believe the trash talk.
Sometimes, it seems we are only reactionary. Only fighting a rearguard action. Reality bites with severe, persistent and wearisome attacks. But the greater reality is Our Heavenly Father never tires of doing good. And so too should we.

Always remember – there is much to be hopeful and thankful for. So I thank all of you who signed the petition defending the safety and dignity of mothers and children. All 31,735 of you. This eclipses the previous record for Epetition signatures in the Queensland Parliament which incidentally, was for the same cause. Such is the depth of feeling and action that we have gathered a total of 55,604 signatures across two Epetitions with nearly 12,000 more signatures on this latest one compared to any other topic’s Epetition.

So, be encouraged and I trust the following also encourages you if you haven’t seen them already… Continue Reading →


Be Encouraged

Today, my son and I joined the March for Life rally, Brisbane’s biggest public celebration and protection of life. It was an encouraging experience. Despite the humid, sweltering 34°C heat, over 2000 people turned out [14-2-2017 update: nearly 4000 marched]. The same could not be said for the opposition. As we marched toward Parliament House, we heard some loud protest noises. There they were, yelling from the shadows against us. Less than 20 of them. Continue Reading →