A Generation of Wimps

If regulation is meant to keep people safe from themselves, you’d be tempted to wonder if Australians are amongst the dumbest people on Earth.

Yes, regulations are needed to keep things safe but you have to wonder sometimes if the balance has been lost. Lawsuits have a lot to do with this loss of balance I guess…

Anyhow, here’s an interesting blog entry which is appropriately named “We Are Raising a Generation of Wimps” that makes the case from an American point of view.
Agree? Disagree? Too scared to say anything? 😉

Fishers Of Men

Jesus said His disciples would be fishers of men. Ever wondered why?
Sure, he said it to fishermen but given God can set all of this up, why fishers of men? Why not hunters of men?

I heard an interesting thought on this: Fishermen attract their prize. Hunters hunt them down. One comes, the other is tracked down.
Love needs choice and so, God gives it along with grace, He attracts. May we also.

Now judgment is upon this world. Now the ruler of this world will be cast out. And if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to Myself.” He said this to signify by what kind of death He would die”
John 12:31-33



Image by Eric Kidwell.