Let’s Get Personal

Often, the hardest person to get to know is you.
That’s because you need to understand your personality and that only happens on purpose.

Here’s a handy questionnaire to help you discover your personality.

Simply answer the questions and we’ll see you at the end to discuss the results….

Getting Personal With Your Personality

You now know your personality mix.
Great...the names make it sound like you have some sort of disease.

Thankfully you don’t but what do you do with that information?

Glad you asked. Take note of your scores above and read on.

Your results show which traits dominate your personality. Most of us are a blend of the 4 personality types. Some of us will be more strongly of one type than any others.

Pay particular attention to the strengths and weaknesses of your main personality type as those are your strengths and weaknesses. The best way to explain the different personality types is by looking at extreme examples of each...

Some of you may see aspects of yourselves in that little collection. Let’s get down to business working out which ones you are…

Popular Sanguine

If you have more of the qualities of a Popular Sanguine, you're the extroverted, talking optimists. A bit like the Genie and Miss Piggy.

Your strengths are that you have an appealing personality and tend to be the life of the party, charming others with your energy and enthusiasm.



Your weaknesses are that you may trivialise your flaws and in your enthusiasm with coming up with ideas, you can forget to or even lack the ability to plan and follow through with them.
It may also be the case that because your are so fluent in conversation, you may not treat your words with the respect that speech deserves.

Powerful Choleric

If you are more bent toward being a Powerful Choleric, you’re an extroverted, driven & hard working optimist. A bit like Miss Piggy.

Your strengths are your natural leadership abilities complemented with your strong willed, practical and decisive nature.



Your weaknesses are that you think you're always right and therefore never wrong and can therefore be ungracious and even offensive in your approach. Your drive to always win or to save face makes you poor at apologising.
You’re the type of person who would wear a T-Shirt that says, “I’d agree with you but then we’d both be wrong.”

Peaceful Phlegmatic

If you are more of a Peaceful Phlegmatic, you’re an introvert, someone who observes and is a pessimist.

Your strengths are your easygoing, consistent, and patient nature. You're competent and good under pressure with the abilities of a peacemaker. 



Your weaknesses seem low-key, so you run the risk of not addressing them. Also, your easygoing nature can mean you are hard to get enthused leaving you prone to procrastination. Your preference for avoiding confrontations can eventually lead you into problems if you continually avoid necessary confrontations or saying "no" to people.

Perfect Melancholic

If you’re more like a Perfect Melancholic, you’re an introverted, thinking pessimists.  A bit like C3PO.
Your strengths are your serious and perfectionist approach to life which sees you finish well anything you start. You're sensitive and concerned for others with a faithful, self-sacrificing and idealistic drive.



Your weaknesses however are that you can take everything too seriously and appear to lack humour. You run the risk of not starting anything if you leave your perfectionist nature unchecked. Your unrealistic standards can also wear down those around you, as well as yourself as you are prone to low self-esteem and depression from an overly harsh self-analysis.

Vive la différence

Notice that all the different personalities have their strengths and weaknesses.
There are no right or wrong personalities.

It’s like the differences between the genders. Different just means different, it doesn’t mean one is better than another.



So it is with the different personalities. They are just different and you are a unique blend of them. This is very important stuff to not only know but more importantly, do.

Knowing your personality will help you take advantage of the great strengths you have, as well as improve on the weaknesses identified. Do this and you will connect in your all relationships better, not just personally but also at church, school, tafe, university or work etc.

How? This is where we get down to business with our new found knowledge about ourselves.
Time to move onto your next step in Embark - Who You Should Be play

This is the very perfection of a man, to find out his own imperfections.
St Augustine