Up On Down


God has a way of doing beautiful in unexpected ways. Christmas is a prime example of this and as often is the case, artists have a way of reflecting it.

But sometimes, the darkness of our hearts breaks out against it. However, experience has a way of pushing back against the lies. And sometimes, just sometimes, the media gets it right. – may this continue so that our minds, our hearts and indeed, our whole culture are renewed.


Pest Prevention

Pester power – it’s so common, it’s got its own name. It’s the technique of pestering someone for something until they give in. Unfortunately, it works, especially if that “something” is bad.

Queensland politician Rob Pyne is at it again – pestering for one of the worse ideas around, abortion. Despite a very loud and clear signal that the electorate doesn’t want things like abortion right up until birth, he’s pushing again. This time, in an abuse of the legislative process, he’s employed some very underhanded tactics to push it through “in the dead of night”.

Please stop the pests. If you signed the first petition earlier this year, thank you. If you haven’t signed the latest one (started in September 2016) please do now and get others to do so. They are trying to push this through and quickly.
Let’s send an even louder and clearer signal that this is unacceptable both logically, morally and politically.
Please sign it here (you’ll find instructions here if you need them).

The world always tries to kill hope and the timing of this isn’t coincidental – it’s a ghastly echo of what was experienced at the first Christmas… Continue Reading →