Abortion – A False Solution

“Have you spoken to your parents about this?” I asked.
“No” she replied.

The sacrifices one makes for their children are easy to conceptualise and state. The indescribable joy and meaning they bring, not so. She came from a family with four girls. I was hoping her parents could help her understand the latter and not let the former have full reign over her mind in deciding whether to have an abortion. Continue Reading →


Abortion’s Spirit 2 – Chauvinism

Abortion. It’s been described as a woman’s right. It’s also known as the greatest act of male chauvinism. So which is true?
Like lies so often repeated, persistently shouting it’s a woman’s right brainwashes many into believing it.

In reality, abortion is the greatest act of legalised male chauvainsim. That is the background to abortion. That is the spirit behind it.
This horrid truth repeats everyday and a recent headline is reveals this – “A rugby league “fixer” was called in to negotiate a $50,000 abortion deal after a star player’s girlfriend ­revealed she was pregnant.
A football player exploiting a woman for his pleasure then abandoning his responsibility to the extent of outsourcing the pressure to get her to kill his child. One would be hard pressed to make up a greater act of male chauvinism. Continue Reading →


Be Encouraged 3!

You did it! For those who signed the previous 2 petitions defending the dignity and safety of mother and child, you did it and I thank you.

Did what? You made it abundantly clear that while he couldn’t see the illogical or uncompassionate basis of his 2 abortion bills, as a political beast, Rob Pyne could see the votes against him. He has dropped the bills which were to be debated today.

Will we hear this on the news? Probably not. Not that that matters. We know He Who Matters Most heard and that’s all that matters and why this happened.

Abortion is only the fruit. We must also address the root: sex is nothing more than a recreational sport, irresponsible males and the lies and bizarre thinking which make it all possible.

Thank you. Press on.