The Good Of Doubt

Have doubts about God? You’re in good company…

“How long will our Lord stay away?… Where is my faith?… My God—how painful is this unknown pain… So many unanswered questions live within me—I am afraid to uncover them—because of the blasphemy.”
Mother Teresa


The above was one of the many doubts expressed by Mother Teresa in her letters and private journal. The Church and Mother Teresa kept these writings under wraps until 2007, a decade after her death.

They might have been uncomfortable about their doubts about God, perhaps you are too, but God isn’t. Continue Reading →


The Gospel: Good Not Easy

“The key thing is, Jesus treats us all the same. The Gospel is good news for every single one of us. And it’s not easy news for every single one of us.
It’s not more costly and less beneficial for someone just because they are gay. If there’s no hope for gay people, here’s no hope for anyone. We’re all in this together.”
Sam Allberry