A Generation of Wimps

If regulation is meant to keep people safe from themselves, you’d be tempted to wonder if Australians are amongst the dumbest people on Earth.

Yes, regulations are needed to keep things safe but you have to wonder sometimes if the balance has been lost. Lawsuits have a lot to do with this loss of balance I guess…

Anyhow, here’s an interesting blog entry which is appropriately named “We Are Raising a Generation of Wimps” that makes the case from an American point of view.
Agree? Disagree? Too scared to say anything? 😉

2 Responses to “ A Generation of Wimps ”

  1. Agreed, and governments are encouraged to do that because it makes their citizens more dependent on them and perhaps more subsevient too. So our society now has the problems of indivdualism and nanny state….. (I’m happy for someone to correct my descriptions of the two)

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