The Bible And Public Life

I’ve been alerted (thanks!) to an interesting article, “The Bible is a mainstay of Western life“. It’s written by Greg Clarke, the group chief executive of the Bible Society of Australia. The interest lies in the context of this recent news: the Bible Society produced a video of two politicians having a civil and at times humorous discussion about their opposing views on the definition of marriage. That was potential trouble enough but doing so over a Cooper’s beer meant that the latter ran foul of intolerant elements of our society.

More details and some commentary here. Of added interest is the video at the top of this article. It was issued by Cooper’s in response to this incident and has the hall marks of a hostage pleading for their release, in this case from the angry grip of an intolerant boycott.

Such intolerant behaviour is not a surprise. Those who do it have a worldview lacking the restraining principles found in the Bible which itself is the foundation of Western Culture. A foundation which some are trying to destroy. And that’s the problem – you can’t pull out a foundation without destroying the structure which rests on it.

Back to the original article. Some thoughts on some points it raises:

The Bible’s influence is everywhere already, even if it is often unrecognised.

Here’s a review on a book which recognises it well: The Book That Made Your World.

What is the moral basis of marriage? What is sex for?

Start at the start when you don’t know where to start.
To know what something is for, is to know what something is. Modern culture sadly doesn’t know what anything is for as it believes there isn’t a point to anything ie: it’s all an accident and by-product of evolution. Thus runs the fatal logic: No purpose = No Sin = Anything is permissible.

This is where the Bible still deserves to be part of the discussion. It’s not an old VHS tape;

There’s nothing wrong with “old”, particularly when it’s known and trust worthy. Thalidomide was once “new” and the thing to take for morning sickness – look what happened to those who jumped on the bandwagon.

Time may reveal that ignoring, belittling or opposing the Bible is a fruitless exercise for a society that values freedom, individual rights and social care.

Time may reveal? Time will reveal. In fact, time isn’t required, it’s already happening now. The examples quoted in this article are just further proof.

Australia is already, constitutionally speaking, “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” . Can we bring it Lazarus-like back to life into public discourse, without fear or prejudice?

No we can’t. Only God can.
And that’s exactly why we humbly rely on the blessing of Almighty God. Here’s the catch – to access it, He requires physical and spiritual action of us. Ball’s in our court.


Image©Kevin Tam (1455 Latin Vulgate Gutenberg Bible Macro)

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