Members of Parliament – if they are to represent you, you must present your views to them (otherwise known as lobbying).
Lobbying happens all the time, so why not make your views known? It is your democratic right and their political duty. Part of the reason why we have the problems we do in society is that often, it is the bad ideas which get the most lobbying. As they don’t make sense in their own right, they owe their existence to shallow slogans and influence to pester power.

Winners show up – please don’t let them win by default. Whatever that’s of worth, that which will echo through the generations, lobby for it. To look up the politicians who represent you, search the web for “Australian electorate search” and from there you can find your representative at the federal and state level.

It doesn’t have to take long. Here’s an example of one I sent previously and one I sent recently regarding abortion laws to be debated this Wednesday, 1st of March in the Queensland Parliament (please get yourself and others involved):

Hi <<MP>>,

I note that Rob Pyne’s abortion bills are up for debate this Wednesday. As my local member, I would appreciate you representing my view that it is not in the mother or child’s best interest for these bills to be implemented. There are more compassionate and medically safer ways of helping those in such situations.

Please also note that Rob Pyne’s abortion amendments run contrary to the pre-election undertakings of the major parties and any shifts toward implementing them would represent a violation of trust for the many men and women in Queensland who hold a similar view (as evidenced by the 55,604 signatures garnered across e-petitions 2633 and 2586).

Thank you for your service,


e-petition 2633:
e-petition 2586:


Related: To determine the federal electorate you live in and how to contact your local member, search here. For Queenslanders seeking to lobby their state politician, search here.

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