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Today, my son and I joined the March for Life rally, Brisbane’s biggest public celebration and protection of life. It was an encouraging experience. Despite the humid, sweltering 34°C heat, over 2000 people turned out [14-2-2017 update: nearly 4000 marched]. The same could not be said for the opposition. As we marched toward Parliament House, we heard some loud protest noises. There they were, yelling from the shadows against us. Less than 20 of them.

Isn’t that so reflective of the wider reality? Those who oppose do tend to seem greater. But they only seem greater because they are louder. Let’s recognise that and not let them bully us from the sidelines. Instead, let us advance gracefully while giving them a chance to see the truth. In this case, my son and I smiled and waved at them. May the sight of a toddler doing that in the face of their yelling plant a seed of grace and truth. One which will bloom, causing them to rethink their position. They need to. They were chanting, ”Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!” Given there were men chanting that, their confusion in doing so is as profound as their initial thoughts of the child in the womb.


A previous attempt to give Queensland the worst abortion laws in the ”Western World” was halted by the biggest Epetition in the Queensland Parliament’s history with 23,869 signatures. The current attempt to worsen the laws has inspired another Epetition which has eclipsed the previous with 26,545 as of writing this. Be a part of this history in letting your voice be heard for the voiceless – please sign the current Epetition. You have until the 13th of February, please spread the word!

Update: the first e-petition (2586) gathered 23,869 signatures. The second (2633) upstaged the first as the biggest e-petition in the Queensland Parliament’s history with 31,735 signatures. A grand total of 55,604 standing for the dignity and safety of mothers and children.

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