The Curse Of Culture 

“It seems truth is not what Aboriginal units in universities are interested in but, rather, ideology and popular opinion expressed through social media. This does not help in the cause we fight for.”
“It is becoming worse as the thought police and the politically correct brigade are more interested in denying facts and truths in a selfish and self-righteous attempt to elevate their own moral standing. Well, they are not elevating their moral standing, they are suffocating the victims further.”

This is true of all issues tainted by such interference, not just indigenous domestic violence and abuse as discussed in the article from which the above quotes come from. Other issues which are victim to this include abortion, the proper role and importance of sex and the definition of marriage.

“This is how it has always been done” and ”Get with the times, this is how we do it in 2016/these days” are utterances of a lazy mind. And such laziness simply will not do for culture, something we all live and die under. The real question we should be asking is should it be done this way?

Godly multiculturalism and laws work, purely secular ones don’t. That’s because laws and culture devoid of Godly influence, can and do fall victim to faulty human morality and logic. Man made laws and culture need overriding Godly laws and culture to elevate and make it coherent. This a clear illustration of that.

And lest it look like we are singling out indigenous culture for review we need to look at the way broader Australian culture views and mishandles important issues like sex, abortion, marriage etc. And not as a way of denying the problems as the article warned but as the start of reclaiming, resurrecting and rebuilding these God given gifts that have been stolen, killed and destroyed for all. A Godless worldview lacks the logic and will to do this.

My thanks to a reader who alerted me to this article.


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