Prevention Is Better Than Cure

What would you think of a parent who said this?
“Oh don’t worry about the road rules and wearing a seat belt son, that’s old fashioned! Just sit here, turn on the ignition like this and step on the accelerator like this. And that’s the steering wheel. Just give a go and you’ll see what happens.
Oh, you can’t reach the peddles? Here, put these larger boots on. Oh and there’s the brake.
And don’t worry if you run into anyone or anything, we’ve got emergency services to help you with that.”

Incompetent, incomplete and dangerous would be the thoughts that come to mind. But that’s exactly the type of attitude some ”sex education” has. Especially for parents with school age children, please be aware of what’s being taught to your children.

Thankfully, awareness of this is growing. And if the parent themselves don’t realise this, at least the children are. Have a look at this from The American College of Pediatricians.

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