The God Dimension

God is Omniscient, Omnipresent, Uncreated and Eternal. Unsuprising, you’d expect that of God. However, what may be surprising is the fact that there is one feature of God which quickly and elegantly shows how He has these characteristics. That feature? Dimensions.

God Is Eternal

  • God is outside of our space and time dimension of existence.
  • Being outside of time, He is eternal.

God Is Uncreated

  • God is outside of our space and time dimension of existence.
  • For something to come into existence, it must exist within time and space.
  • Therefore God can’t come into existence.
    This is why God calls Himself “I am” and The One “Who was and is and is to come”.

So to ask “When did God come into existence” is like asking “How did The Ever Existent One come into existence?”
It’s all rather mind bending isn’t it? But you’d expect nothing less of God 🙂

God Is Omniscient And Omnipresent

How does the “God dimension” account for His omniscience, omnipresence and the way He promises to literally be closer to us than any human could?
Sometimes to understand more complicated things, you need to get the perspective from less complicated ones. In this case, let’s look how 3 dimensions would look like from 2 dimensions:

This also neatly shows how Jesus had the ability to appear and disappear to His disciples after the resurrection.



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