Natural penalties for breaking Natural law

Ideas and actions have consequences. Some deny this. Maybe not in words but they deny it in how they live their lives. But such denial may itself be a dire consequence of breaking natural law. Such consequences however may just be the thing which bring people back to their senses.

These thoughts are brilliantly expanded upon by a great article. Here’s a taster…

“For breaking the natural law, there are natural penalties.  Those who live by knives die by them. Those who betray their friends lose them.  Those who abandon their children never know the sweetness of their kiss.  Those who travel from bed to bed lose the capacity for trust.”

“But the most terrible consequence of doing what we know to be wrong — the most dreadful penalty of suppressing our moral knowledge — is that our lies metastasize.  The universe is so tightly constructed that in order to cover up one lie, we must usually tell another, and this applies with just as much force to the lies we tell ourselves as to the lies we tell to other people.”

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