The Good News In Numbers

“The good news is that God knows the future we cannot see. His Kingdom is on the march today in unprecedented ways. In fact, there is a fifth Great Awakening occurring in our world right now. According to David Barrett, author of the World Christian Encyclopedia, 82,000 people become Christians every day. More are coming to Christ than at any time in Christian history.

This Awakening is sweeping Asia. South Korea is one-third to one-half “born again” Christian. Five of the ten largest churches in the world are in South Korea. Last year they sent more missionaries into the world than America did.

There is a worship movement growing in Australia right now. Central and South America are experiencing a Pentecostal revival. When I was in Cuba recently, we saw 330 professions of faith on the Sunday morning I preached.”

“Barrett documents 32,000 conversions every day in sub-Saharan Africa. He believes there are 25,000 conversions every day in the People’s Republic of China. Some missiologists think the number is closer to 100,000. By some measures, the PRC is now the largest Christian nation on earth.

More Muslims are becoming Christians than any time in history. Thousands of Muslims are seeing visions and dreams of Jesus and coming to faith in him as their Lord. More Jewish people are coming to Christ than at any time in Christian history”
Culture Changing Christians, Jim Dennison.


Image©Kevin Tam

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