What Others Meant For Evil 2

Previously, I wrote of how God used an exploitative treaty to rescue Jews during World War 2. Directly related to that is the little known account of Dr Ho Feng Shan. God used this man’s giftings to save thousands of such lives, even to the extent of pulling them directly out of Nazi concentration camps.

Accounts like this that make me wonder and look forward with anticipation to learning of the many unknown heroes we will hear of on the other side of eternity. Undoubtedly, their accounts would be part of what’s sung in the everlasting chorus of praise. Have a look here and be inspired.

2 Responses to “ What Others Meant For Evil 2 ”

  1. That’s awesome. What a great man. God prepared him in a similar way to the way He prepared Moses for his ministry…multicultural and influence in high places. He also had great courage. Great testimony.

    • Inspiring indeed! And a great reminder that this world isn’t just full of bad news. In fact, there’s plenty positive if we would only look and be what we are all called to be.
      Thanks for your thoughts!

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