The Affect Of Fatherless Families

Much has been documented regarding the knock on effects of redefining marriage. From freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, a loss of standards by which one can define sexual relations, to even the way in which good governance has been side stepped, there is much more to it than simply a social contract’s definition.

Here’s some effects which may not be so evident – predisposing children to at-risk behaviours and atheism later in life.

Redefining marriage will create fatherless upbringings by law. So it’s important to understand how a fatherless upbringing affects children. Professor Paul Vitz reviewed the lives of prominent atheists and he found a surprising insight…

“Looking back at our thirteen major historical rejectors of a personal God, we find a weak, dead, or abusive father in every case.”

Since the most common form of same sex parenting is Lesbian parenting, it’s important to understand this significant  spiritual outcome of fatherless parenting. Read more here.
I was also surprised to learn that children from lesbian parenting had poorer outcomes compared to other parenting types.

The above makes sense as it’s consistent with the absence of the one who is by design, to be the king & priest of the house – the father. Unsurprisingly, a spiritual loss also manifests in real life outcome losses.

The glory of children are their parents. Robbing them of one diminishes the glory of their upbringing.


The Gift Of A Father.

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