Baby Body Parts

When you lose the divine in your fellow man, they are no longer someone but something. You can then stoop to doing the unthinkable, like treating babies as sources for body parts.

Unsurprisingly, this news involves Planned Parenthood, one of the world’s largest executioners of abortion. In an undercover video, its senior director of medical services talks about harvesting body parts from babies. Here’s the story as covered by CNN.

One of the controversies highlighted is whether Planned Parenthood is profiting from this. Profit is income minus costs – I’ll leave the analysis of that to the accountants. It is however worth pointing out that truly altruistic acts do not involve discussions about prices as seen in this video.
What’s easily analysed is the fact they are purposely modifying standard procedure to maximise organ yield. What’s even more telling is there isn’t even a hint of insight into the fact that they are butchering a vulnerable child – clumps of tissue* do not have organs. This not only shows how far down the slippery slope Planned Parenthood have fallen, but also the reporters. While it may look like a balanced report, you can see their bias, their blindness to what’s really going on.

Worldview – stay alert for it, especially in the news.

*standard pro-abortion propaganda tries to convince the public that abortion is no more meaningful than a tooth extraction by calling the child a “clump of tissue”. It comes as no surprise that this doesn’t turn out to be true.


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