Immeasurable God

“How do you define God scientifically?” asked someone after a talk I did.

“You can’t” I replied. That’s the short answer and it may sound like a cop out but here was the rest of the reply…


This interesting question came during the Question and Answer session after I gave a talk about “How to Reach the Scientifically Minded.” It’s interesting in that it helped summarise some key points from the talk.

Firstly, the question potentially presupposes the mindset of Scientism. One of the features of this mindset is that only the measurable is believable. There’s a problem with such a Worldview, it doesn’t fit with reality. The reality that you cannot measure all aspects of the human experience like those of love and morals just to name two. You can’t boil a human being down to fit into a reductionist box. We are far more complex than that.


It is therefore unreasonable for an atheist materialist to demand of God what they cannot of themselves or their fellow human.
Science is a wonderful tool. However, it’s a tool which is limited to the material dimension. It therefore cannot fully define God since He is also outside of this dimension. It can study His effects and the elegance, power and magnificence of His handiwork but it cannot directly handle Him.


So if the single tool of science cannot handle God, what can? A set of tools. A human.
A human who loves God with all heart, soul, mind and strength. Even so, a finite human can only scratch the surface of a scratch given that no eye has seen and no ear has heard the infinite.
But it’s a start, and a privilege to be able to start. So let’s get started and help others do the same.

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