Year One

Today, it’s been one year since was launched. A big thanks to you for coming along for the ride!

You read as we pondered the point of everything.
How God cannot do everythingGod’s pain, His monstrousness as well as the monstrous cost of war in economic and human terms (but also how God will ultimately stop it all). All because we cannot trust ourselves to speak and do rightly by each other.

How Leprosy is a natural reflection of deeper supernatural concepts of sin and grace. How birth also offers us lessons as does how a newborn learns trust (and the parallel in trust with God) as well as their development in understanding reality. We also marvelled anew at the audacity and wisdom of God to rescue everything with a baby.

How we should respect parenting (fathers included) and understand worldviews as it’s what will make or break nations for generations to come by raising blessings or curses. And how it all starts with the person you build a home with and whether they know how to have a bad time.

How making a positive difference means knowing our Heavenly Father’s business as well as engaging fully in your earthly one while not being diverted by riches, knowing what plaques our culturerefusing to be disintegrated (especially when told not bring value into various domains of your life and that sometimes, that may involve disobedience), letting God have you aim high (even if your initial efforts seem clumsy as He specialises turning messes into messages), staying grateful (and aware of the smallest miracles of creation), staying connected to Himactively influencing culture to stop it from being hijacked (including being deliberate with that you consume and support), overcoming evil with good using free speech graciously, being a help and not a hindrance, thinking well about beautyengaging in apologetics and not conforming to the expectations of this world by renewing your mind, having room for doubt while letting God author your life and rising above acting like a brat ensuring you treat Him right. All the while knowing that God will have the last word.

How uncompromising songs give wings to words in stunning examples of praise when created with the right mindset. How art can do this too.

How considering others as someone or something affects your views on using, abusing, aborting, burningabandoning and talking about them as well as euthanasiasex, abortion and indeed, even if smoking is beneficial.

And there goes Year One….more to come!
(including a sister site!)

Image©Kevin Tam

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