minionsMy wife and I joke that we are our son’s “minions”. Be it getting changed, getting fed, getting somewhere or whatever you care to consider, we’re at his beck and call. Being a new arrival here on earth, that’s entirely appropriate. What wouldn’t be appropriate is if that continued for years. Isn’t that the same with God?

Here’s the problem, it’s pretty easy to treat Our Heavenly Father like we once did with our earthly ones. There are some sermons/teachings around which have an “entitlement” mentality. They go along the lines of “We’re Sons and Daughters of The Most High”, “We’re the heads and not the tails” and “Our territories are to be enlarged” etc. etc.
All true since they’re all in God’s word, but what of the rest of what’s in God’s word? The parts about hard work, humility, serving and carrying your cross? What of the God glorifying reasons for being the head and enlarging our territories? Not the sort of things that kids think of but exactly the sort of things which make for adults and God would have us grow up spiritually not just physically.

Because at the end of the day, He’s our Heavenly Father, not our heavenly minion.

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