Righteous Civil Disobedience – A Post Script

Like a beautiful post script to today’s article, I have just had a magnificent encounter.
Back in April, I counselled a lady who had an unexpected pregnancy. More to the point, an unwanted pregnancy. Like all such situations, there was much to think about in the mind and much to struggle through in the heart.

I never saw her after that, until tonight. I learned that she went through with her pregnancy and her little girl is now in foster care pending adoption. She said that she looks beautiful and is well. One can only imagine what this must be like for her and her daughter.

Every pregnancy is a courageous sacrifice of love. I thanked her for her’s.righteouscivildisobedience
Was it right to counsel her outside the option of abortion? For some, no. But from the perspective of truth and love, yes. For it is not truthful or loving to exclude other options from her.

May her little girl grow to do and be great. And may this brave lady eventually have the privilege of knowing that. Because involved or not, she will always be her mother and that little girl will always be her daughter.


Image©Kevin Tam

2 Responses to “ Righteous Civil Disobedience – A Post Script ”

  1. Wow, she has made a selfless choice! An amazing lady 🙂

    • Yes, very much so…and may she fully appreciate that in due time! All good parenting is selfless, so do pray also for the adoptive parents.

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