Restore, Resurrect and Rebuild

You’re already defeated if you don’t recognise your enemy.
The headlines are awash in the bloody wake of those who do harm. Much has been written about Islamic State including analysis of the ideology* behind their motives and the need for community inclusion* to counter it.
In fact, there are calls for a counter narrative to fill social media as a way of stemming recruits for these bloody causes. It’s well recognised that governments cannot fulfil this task. What’s not so well recognised is the best tool for this task is The Gospel, the very thing which Western culture has been systematically trying to take apart in recent generations.
And herein lies our main problem.

The media has directed much of the public’s gaze at those who engage in brutal acts on the fields of war. And so they should. But what they are unwilling or unable to recognise however are those who do similarly on home soil, the enemies within. The enemies which everyday covertly steal, kill and destroy.

The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.
Jesus in John 10:10

The atheism which steals our identities as children of The Most High. The abortions which kill the preborn in the womb. The ideas which destroy the peace, futures, hopes and eternities which God has planned for each of us.

Let’s not only look at the people on the ground who rightfully see that the world is wrong, but wrongfully reach for a false solution. Let’s also recognise the spiritual agents behind them. Let’s fully recognise the true enemy here. And it is in this recognition that we understand that there’s only one army which can defeat them – The Army of God, the Church using the ultimate weapon, The Gospel.metrocross

It is unquestionable that God is always for us. The real question is are we?
As a follower of God, follow your commander in doing what He does best – to Restore, Resurrect and Rebuild. It’s precisely what’s needed for our present evils. It’s what’s needed of All Of Us.


*my thanks to my readers who alerted me to these articles.

Image©Kevin Tam

2 Responses to “ Restore, Resurrect and Rebuild ”

  1. […] I previous wrote that these terrorists are correct in recognising that there’s something wrong but wrong in the solution they are reaching for. The right solution is recognising the evil in all of us, accepting that only God’s gift of salvation can destroy it and letting the good fruits of this overcome the world’s evil. This article is a great read along those lines. […]

  2. […] The cure for this is the gospel. The worldview which teaches reconciliation not only to God but also to your neighbour. The exact worldview much of Western culture is running from. Like kids who only know just enough to be dangerous to themselves, Western societies have spent much of their recent history rebelling from their roots. Have they now finally learned enough to return to what made them great? Or will they also continue to reach for wrong solutions? […]

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