Raising Solutions

With my first Father’s Day coming up, I’m reminded of this fact – Raising children is a matter of life and death. No, not in the sense that you fence off the pool and stairs or lock up any nasty chemicals they may get into. But where you lead them is literally life or death for them personally and the people around them.

Are You Raising A Problem or A Solution?

It’s undeniable, men commit the majority of crimes anywhere in the world (here’s some local data). That’s because men are designed to lead. It’s where they are leading to that’s up for grabs.

We all know that there is much wrong with this world but unfortunately, some men who are full of energy but void of insight are reaching for the wrong solutions. Parents, you’re literally raising the problems or solutions for this world and when they are problems, they can spread like wildfire.

..but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.”
Exodus 20:6

But so do the solutions. So whether you are raising a man or a woman who will influence a man, for those who are bravely, positively and intentionally raising images of God, I salute you.
Thank a solution-raising-parent this Father’s Day, I will. (thanks Mum & Dad!)


Image©Kevin Tam

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