2 Commandments and The Easy Life

Ever wanted the easy life? Simple, just follow the 10 Commandments. Here’s an analysis of 2 of them.

The Cost of Stealing and Murdering

“You shall not murder.
“You shall not steal.
Exodus 20:13, 20:15

Recently, I’ve been spending a large chunk of my life in queues. Some of these are at ticket counters. I can thank the violation of the second commandment mentioned above for that.
Others have been at customs, baggage X-rays and body scanners. I can thank those who believe murder to be a legitimate modus operandi for that.
And that’s just the time spent. All of the people and equipment required for the above doesn’t come free.

If you think about it, a more extreme manifestation of these violations are wars. Wars are all about either the prevention or propagation of theft and murder. It’s what makes them so high stakes. It’s what makes them so costly.

soldiermoneyburnHow costly? International Global Military spending seems to be climbing out of the 2009 Global Financial Crisis rut. Weighing in at $USD1.538 trillion in 2013, a recent forecast from IHS Jane’s Aerospace, Defence & Security has this increasing 0.6% to $USD1.547 trillion in 2014.

Let’s consider this for a moment. That’s $USD1,547,000,000,000 spent on military-related costs per year. That’s $USD49,022.48 per second. Per second.

Can you imagine what could be done with $USD49,022.48 rushing out there to do good every second?

The number is mind boggling, so to put it on a more practical plane, can you imagine what could be done with $USD49,022.48 rushing out there to do good every second? Actually, you probably can’t. And that’s the point.

If imagining how much good could be done if global military spending was directed to more constructive goals sounds a little too abstract or wishful, how about just working at a national level? This article about why countries are poor makes a meal for thought.

Little wonder God gave us the 10 commandments. Shame we can’t even stick with 2 of them.


Image©Kevin Tam

6 Responses to “ 2 Commandments and The Easy Life ”

  1. Michael Chong

    Those are mind blowing figures especially when you put it that way. So much good can be done with that money.

    • Indeed. There’s a lot of waste in this world. For example, $USD4412023.20 was used in military spending while I wrote this reply. Sobering. Do pass these thoughts on.

      • Wow, this was an interesting read, thank you for sharing Kevin! It saddens me how much money is being used and often wasted on unnecessary costs related to sinful behaviours and disregard for the value of human life. Also how there is so much need (esp. financially) in this world. This very issue also makes my head spin!!

        • Yes, the figures are astronomical. It’s a pity the heights to which the cost reach are not matched by the thinking behind it. Thanks for you comment!

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