The Pain Of Omniscience

Numbers can be used to represent concepts but some concepts can never be fully represented. Take the horrific statistic that there are 22 rapes every hour in India.

And that’s just India. As deeply disturbing and distasteful as that is, the reality is worse when we realise that such statistics are usually under reported.

Got me thinking. We can barely imagine, let alone feel how painful it must be to be omniscient, to know all as God does. This is also an insight into the heart-felt origins of some of God’s statements such as “You have profaned me..” and “I will soon pour out My fury..”

This is but a scratch of the beginning of an answer to those who dare to judge God for judging. As unholy, finite beings with finite knowledge, we could not even begin to have a clue as to the horrors which God knows and has to deal with and why He had and has to pass the judgements.

Another reason why we can’t play God. The pain is simply too great.

More reasons why Grace is so Amazing and why Good Friday is so Good. Hallelujah.

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