Like our generation’s atmospheric classical music connection to the divine, I’d like to share with you some beautiful music and lyrics of Kye Kye.

(To do justice to these tracks, make sure you listen to it with a decent set of speakers with full bass capabilities)

Dreams (2am)

This one speaks of devotionally pushing along the narrow road through to heaven…

…some lyrics:

Push.. with a heart.. with a weight
With all you see and
Push with a heart, with a weight
With the mind that knows the one narrow road
What you said is right, I’ll never walk away

Suitably, the video for this has you just listening with minimal but inspiring visuals from creation (much like how I like to do these devotional posts).


This one is a hopeful, gently euphoric song about the Christian experience…


To the rooftops I will go, I’ll shout it from the windows I am saved. (Jon.3:36 & 17:3)
Oh the bright shade of dawn, it’s soothing, reminds me You’re here with me, You’re here with me
I see the line it’s been about a moment and I’ve crossed with both feet I’m in You are within (Jon.8:31-32)
A life with a smile, a weight that won’t stay, (Mat.11:29-30)
A love to go miles, never pushed away (1Jo.4:16)(1Cor.13:4) (Heb.13:5)

Hear Your voice when You’re calling (Jon.10:3-5 & 27-28)
Found a place, a home for You (Eze.36:26-27)(Luk.17:21)

Lord, You know where I’ve been, You just take me in (1Tim.1:15) (Mrk.2:17)
I fight with a given end (Ro.8:29)
I know I know then, take a step, walk the line, (Mat.7:14)
No matter the time, I am Yours, You are mine, forever and ever (Jon.17)(Heb.13:5)
So to the mountains we will run our light on the hilltops they will see (Mat.5:14)
Oh the world through Your eyes, (Heb.8:10-12) (Eze.36:26-27) (2Cor.5:16)
It’s moving its waiting for us to see (Ro.8:19)


This one speaks of yearning for authentic love.
Press play on the top entry on the top of this list.
Some lyrics:

I still yearn to be love without a need to please,
Help me, help me
Silent crave to have childish peace while weary things,
Haunt me, haunt me, like falling in my sleep

Honest Affection

This one is a musical commentary on the tension of love and war…

..some lyrics:

I never knew that I was so harsh with things I thought I wasn’t afraid of.

I never knew that I was so scared to change because of honest affection.

Longing, yearning, hoping, looking over your words stuck on your heart.

They also have done some intriguing covers…


This link comes a little late for last Christmas or perhaps we should think of it as an early Christmas present for this year?
This is possibly one of the most beautiful versions of this classic I’ve heard.


With or Without You

And for the U2 fans, here’s their take on a classic…


Want more? Listen here.
Like it? Consider buying some tracks/the album. Good and Godly talent could always do with support.

If you’re wondering what the title of this post means, think it over here.

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