Creating Atheists

In a previous post, I wrote a tongue-in-cheek account of how you can make an atheist. There is a book out which seriously attempts this and it’s called “A Manual for Creating Atheists”.

Hailed as “..essential for nonbelievers who want to do more than just carp about religion, but want to weaken its odious grasp on the world”, it’s something that is worth understanding. Key to its strategy is to assert that faith is “pretending to know things you don’t know”. That is not the biblical understanding of faith but repeat this definition enough times and some may start to believe it, including us.

The effect of that will be “removing religious believers from the “Adult Table” of discussion on public matters” to be shunned to “the “Kids Table” where our faith-infected conversations can’t do the public any harm.” Funny it doesn’t mention the fact that history shows the harm which stems from atheist-infected conversations moving to implementation.

Thankfully, this has been rebutted in a summarised form and I encourage you to take advantage of that here. As iron sharpens iron, so will this for you. Please do so and pass it on.

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